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Welcome to Rabbiosi's French bulldogs located in San Jose, California.

We are a family owned and operated kennel since 2014. All of our dogs belong to us personally and are loved and raised in our own home as family members. With the help from Volhard Nutrition we feed only the highest quality human grade foods. Health panels and DNA profiles are tested through UC Davis of California or Paw Print Genetics with all of our animals.

Our kennel strives in producing healthy high-quality puppies that will be great family companion/toy dogs with correct structure, conformation and a loving temperament. All our puppies include full paid AKC registration/pedigree with up-to-date deworming and vaccination, plus health test panels and DNA tests thought UC Davis or Paw Print Genetics. We also include a free 30 days Trupanion Health Insurance program that buyers can activate immediately before pick up date to insure all puppies are covered before they even leave our kennel. We also have an on hand transportation service if you need to have a puppy shipped to you while in the care of a flight nanny through the entire trip.

Please feel free to contact us and become part of our Frenchie Family

Important Information About French Bulldogs

We always get questions about French Bulldog colors and sizing. One thing we want to make sure of with all our customers here at Rabbiosi's French Bulldog Kennel is to give them as much knowledge of the breed as possible. Whether you're new to the breed or a veteran there will always be something to learn from both customer and kennel.

The AKC Standard and Exotic Color with French Bulldog puppies can be controversial. Our kennel has an appreciation and respect for both the Standard and Exotic Color. We have dogs and produce puppies of both worlds. Our main focus above all is producing healthy, high quality family companions that will fill your life with love and happiness of many many years. All our puppies come from health tested breeding stock.

The Standard, according to the AKC (American Kennel Club) allows only Brindle, Brindle & White, Cream, Fawn, Fawn & White, Fawn & Brindle, Fawn Brindle & White, White, White & Brindle and Piebald to enter the show ring and any deviation from the Standard equals disqualification. Piebald is not a color but a pattern of the Standard colors. If you're looking at French Bulldog puppies for sale you'll find the price range will vary from around $3k-$5k from a reputable breeder with Standard bloodlines. It all depends on health, pedigree and bloodlines along with yours and the breeders terms.

Exotic Color such as Chocolate, Chocolate Fawn, Lilac, Isabella, Black and Tan, Blue and Tan, Blue Fawn and Blue French Bulldogs are not approved by the AKC and can not enter the show ring. The same goes for Merle French Bulldogs. Unfortunately they can not compete only because of Coat Coloring and Merle Pattern being an instant disqualification. However they can still be registered with the AKC and are 100% French Bulldogs and French Bulldog puppies. When shopping for Exotic French Bulldog puppies for sale from reputable breeders you will spend around $5k and up. Again it will vary depending on health, pedigree, bloodlines and your agreement with the breeder.

Coming in both Standard and Exotic colors are also Fluffy French Bulldogs and Fluffy French Bulldog Carriers. We also have an appreciation and passion for the Fluffy Frenchies. Our breeding program also produces Fluffy French Bulldogs Puppies for sale and Fluffy French Bulldog Puppy Carriers for sale as well. When in the market for Fluffy’s one can expect to pay 10k and up which will all be determined on color, health credibility and pedigree along with the breeders terms on conditions.

The AKC Standard weight is between 16-28 pounds. There is no such thing as a mini French Bulldog. There can tend to be dogs and puppies on the small end of the spectrum and even on the larger end but there is not another breed of French Bulldog known as teacup French Bulldog, micro French Bulldogs or mini French Bulldog.


From our first interaction with Mike, he has been thoughtful, kind, helpful and knowledgeable in caring for our newest family member. He has been transparent with the level of care, lineage, and cleanliness with his pups. Mike was there throughout the process and even days after to check on how things were going. We are so grateful for Mike, his kind words, and care for our new puppy Coco!

Ernesto, Sarah, Grace, and Callie

As a sworn police officer I suffer from PTSD and since my doctor recommended me to get a puppy of my choice I’ve done plenty of research around for an honest and responsible breeder. That’s where I met Mike; Mike was honest and answered every question I asked. He was patient and very straightforward with how Frenchie puppies behave and will act. The expectations and what I’ll need to do for potty training to the puppy food I need to buy. The process was straightforward with no hidden fees, and Mike was extremely responsive after I bought “Porky” from him. This is one of the best choices I’ve made, and this recommendation doesn’t come easy, and I truly feel Mike was an honest breeder, and I’m lucky to come across a good honest breeder like him.

This is the owner’s girlfriend: Porky has made us the happiest couple ever since he came to our home. I can see my boyfriend’s mood is calmer and more relaxed now, and he sleeps better while cuddling with the puppy in bed! As first-time Frenchie owners, we had millions of questions to ask Mike: from puppy’s daily care to health, even tiny little things like dog skin sanitizers. Mike always responds to us very quickly, gives advice, and checks back on the puppy the next day to see if everything is ok. Mike is the breeder who cares about the dogs and ensures they live comfortably in their new homes. The food and products Mike uses on dogs/puppies are high-end rather than mass-brand, which I think puppies raised by a loving breeder is very important too. Thank you, Mike! We highly recommend Mike Robbiosis’s French Bull Dogs to anyone looking for Frenchies to join their home!

What’s the ONLY thing better than a French Bulldog puppy? TWO Frenchie puppies! All of the puppies in Oliver & Fendi’s litter were PERFECT, making it a difficult decision for us. So, we opted for TWO!
We are beyond pleased with our experience working with Mike Rabbiosi! Mike is very knowledgeable about the French Bulldog breed and keeps the kennel spaces meticulously clean. When we arrived to pick up our babies, they were already microchipped, and Mike had their AKC folders organized with initial vaccinations documented. Our puppies had their first veterinary appointment yesterday at 11 wks. old. According to Dr. Frank Hagan, Escalon Small Animal Clinic, “These puppies are in excellent health and are a perfect example of how the French Bulldog breed should look. Their kneecaps and hips are aligned in solid stance and their scissor bite is well aligned. Their ears and eyes are clean and alert.” The personalities of these puppies have surfaced many inquiries about the possibility of us breeding or showing them. They truly are SHOW QUALITY puppies! For us, they’re our babies and we’re so thankful to Mike Rabbiosi for investing in such a professional breeding program and kennel. We HIGHLY recommend Rabbiosi’s French Bulldogs to anyone who loves this breed and would like to make their own dream come true.

I found Rabbiosi’s French Bulldogs while searching puppyfinder.com and grateful I did. We recently adopted Grogu our French Bulldog from Mike and it was such a pleasant experience. First visit to see the puppies I was impressed with the cleanliness of his home and the puppy area. Mike was very thorough with all the details of the adoption process. I recently had taken Grogu to the vet whom gave him a clean bill of health. Mike has been supportive even after the adoption offering me suggestions and advice when needed. I would definitely recommend adopting from Rabbiosi’s French Bulldogs.

Nicole Marie Anderson


Bringing your new puppy home is a special moment you’ll never forget. With so many things to do, the last thing you want to think about is your new furry friend getting into mischief. Medical insurance for pets can be an important step in sending your new puppy off with their best paw forward, which is why I’ve partnered with Trupanion.

With activation of your Go Home Day Offer, you gain access to immediate Trupanion policy coverage. Your puppy will covered before it even leaves our kennel. Don’t forget to call Trupanion within 24 hours of getting your puppy or before you pick it up to get set up! Trupanion’s Customer Care team is available 24/7/365 to assist in activating your offer, along with answering any other questions you may have.

This is an amazing program that insures puppies for the first 30 days for free with an annual $250 deductible. After the free 30 days buyers can choose to continue coverage at an affordable rate or cancel. Of course we here at Rabbiosi’s French Bulldogs recommend staying with Trupanion as it’s one of the best pet insurances on the market today. They are the only company that pays up front for most services as long as your vet is also signed up with their program. This means you won’t have to pay and wait to be reimbursed under most circumstances. Such a win win for everyone involved especially the new little fur babies.

Each pet from my litter is gifted a Go Home Day Offer from Trupanion to jumpstart medical coverage. The offer expires 24 hours after your pet goes home. Get coverage in place today!

Call 855.266.2156 (available 24/7!)

UC Davis

Our Kennel sets the highest standard possible with a Full AKC certification on every single puppy we produce. Included with AKC Registration/Pedigree, up to date vaccination, deworming and microchip.

We also do a full Panel Health Test and DNA Test on all of our Sires ,Dams and puppies through UC Davis of California or Paw Print Genetics. This is all included in the price listed for each puppy.

Volhard Dog Nutrition is a US sourced, non-GMO , preservative free, human grade whole food. Quality foods provides nutritional solutions for healthy, balanced living. It’s made in small batches and tested for Listeria, E.coli, Salmonella, Mold and Fungus. Fresh protein must be added to the meal.