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Hello Guys,

Fendi here. I’m a Tricolored French Bulldog. I love to cuddle and be inside the house. I’m very calm tempered girl with tons of affection and intimacy to share. I love being petted and having my belly rubbed. My favorite treats are blueberries and sardines.

I can play fetch for hours without a break if you have my favorite ball. Whenever I get the opportunity to go with my mom or dad for a car ride I’ll always ride up front with them while the others ride in the back. Yes I’m spoiled rotten and I’d love to meet you sometime.

UC Davis 5 Panel Health Test Results:

2 copies CDDY

Chondrodysplasia -CDPA-
No copies normal N/N

Canine Multifocal Retinopathy -CMR1-
No copies normal N/N

Degenerative Myclopathy -DM-
No copies normal N/N

Juvenile Hereditary Cataract - JHC-
No copies normal N/N

Hyperuricosuria -HUV-
No copies normal N/N

Fendi’s UC Davis Dog Coat Color/Natural Bobtail Test Results:

MC1R (E Locus) Em/e1
Brown (B Locus) B/B
Dilute (D Locus) D/d1
Dominate Black
(K Locus) N/N
Agouti (A Locus) at/a
Piebald (S Locus) N/N
Cocoa N/co
Merle N/N
Intensity Dilution N/In