Meet Fendi: The Joyful Black and Tan French Bulldog

A Bundle of Love and Cuddles

Hello, dog lovers! Let's talk about Fendi, a delightful Black and Tan French Bulldog that's sure to capture your heart. Firstly, Fendi is not just any dog; she's a calm-tempered girl brimming with affection and intimacy. She absolutely adores cuddles and being the center of attention inside the house.

Fendi's Favorite Pastimes

Now, let's delve into what makes Fendi truly special. She loves getting petted and enjoys having her belly rubbed - it's her way of bonding and showing trust. Moreover, Fendi's favorite treats are blueberries and sardines. Not only are these treats delicious for her, but they're also healthy, aligning with her well-being.

Playful and Energetic

Interestingly, Fendi has a boundless energy for playing fetch. She can engage in this fun activity for hours, especially if you have her favorite ball. This not only showcases her playful nature but also her dedication and focus.

A Companion for Adventures

Additionally, Fendi adores car rides. Whenever there's an opportunity to go for a drive with her mom or dad, she's always eager to sit up front, enjoying the view and the company. This behavior highlights her love for adventures and bonding with her family.

The Spoiled and Loved Fendi

Indeed, Fendi is a spoiled and beloved member of her family. Her preference for the front seat during car rides is a testament to her cherished status in the household. This special treatment is a reflection of the love and care she receives daily.

Looking Forward to New Friendships

Lastly, Fendi is always excited to meet new people. Her friendly demeanor and affectionate nature make her a wonderful companion. Whether it's playing fetch, enjoying treats, or going on car rides, she's always ready for a new adventure.

Conclusion: A Heartwarming Addition to Any Home

In conclusion, Fendi, with her calm temperament and affectionate personality, is a heartwarming addition to any family. Her love for cuddles, playfulness, and adventures makes her more than just a pet; she's a true companion.

UC Davis 5 Panel Health Test Results:

2 copies CDDY

Chondrodysplasia -CDPA-
No copies normal N/N

Canine Multifocal Retinopathy -CMR1-
No copies normal N/N

Degenerative Myclopathy -DM-
No copies normal N/N

Juvenile Hereditary Cataract - JHC-
No copies normal N/N

Hyperuricosuria -HUV-
No copies normal N/N

Fendi’s UC Davis Dog Coat Color/Natural Bobtail Test Results:

MC1R (E Locus) Em/e1
Brown (B Locus) B/B
Dilute (D Locus) D/d1
Dominate Black
(K Locus) N/N
Agouti (A Locus) at/a
Piebald (S Locus) N/N
Cocoa N/co
Merle N/N
Intensity Dilution N/In