Welcome to Gemma's World!

Meet Gemma, Our Joyful French Bulldog!

Hello, friends and fellow dog lovers! Let's introduce you to Gemma, a delightful Blue Brindle French Bulldog who calls Ohio her birthplace. She embarked on a remarkable journey at just 8 weeks old, accompanied by a kindhearted nanny, to her new home in sunny California.

Gemma's Happy Life in California

Since arriving in California, Gemma has been showered with love and care, making her feel absolutely fantastic! Her life is filled with joy, evident in her constant happiness and eagerness to play. Not only is Gemma an enthusiastic playmate, but she also cherishes relaxing moments, such as watching movies on the couch, snuggled up with cuddles and some popcorn.

The Boogie Dance: Gemma's Signature Move

Gemma's excitement knows no bounds! When she's overjoyed, she performs her signature 'boogie dance,' standing on her hind legs and dancing with glee. Her parents fondly refer to it as the 'boogie dance,' and believe us, Gemma can really shake it!

Exciting Times Ahead: Gemma's Summer Plans

This summer promises to be an exciting one for Gemma, as she will be matched with her boyfriend, Link. It's a season full of anticipation and joy, and Gemma hopes to share these moments with you at the kennel.

Why Visit Gemma?

Visiting Gemma offers a chance to witness her infectious joy and spirited personality. Whether she's dancing, playing, or just cuddling, Gemma embodies the heartwarming essence of a French Bulldog's love.

Conclusion: The Heart of Our Kennel

In conclusion, Gemma is not just any French Bulldog; she's a bundle of joy, spreading happiness wherever she goes. Her playful spirit, loving nature, and adorable 'boogie dance' make her the heart of our kennel. We invite you to visit and experience the delightful world of Gemma – where every day is an adventure filled with love and joy!

We hope you enjoyed learning about Gemma. Stay tuned for more updates and adorable stories from our kennel!

UC Davis 5 Panel Health Test Results:

2 copies CDDY

Chondrodysplasia -CDPA-
No copies normal N/N

Canine Multifocal Retinopathy -CMR1-
No copies normal N/N

Degenerative Myclopathy -DM-
No copies normal N/N

Juvenile Hereditary Cataract - JHC-
No copies normal N/N

Hyperuricosuria -HUV-
No copies normal N/N

Gemma’s UC Davis Dog Coat Color/Natural Bobtail Test Results:

MC1R (E Locus) Em/e1
Brown (B Locus) B/B
Dilute (D Locus) d1/d1
Dominate Black
(K Locus) K/N
Agouti (A Locus) a1/a1
Piebald (S Locus) N/N
Cocoa N/co
Merle N/N
Intensity Dilution In/In