Meet Lincoln: The Merle Frenchy with a Heart of Gold

Introduction to Lincoln - Your Soon-to-be Favorite Merle Frenchy

Hello, I'm Lincoln, but you can call me Link or, affectionately, Stinky Linky. Despite the nickname, I assure you, I smell fantastic! Frequent warm baths are my secret. I'm a Merle French Bulldog with a personality that's as colorful as my coat.

Lincoln's Daily Life: Fun, Care, and Affection

As Lincoln, I lead a delightful life full of love and care. My mom gives me special beauty treatments, which include cleaning my ears, eyes, nose, butt, and nails. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling great too!

A Day in the Life of Lincoln

I'm an eternally happy young boy, brimming with spirit and a positive attitude. My policy is simple: never say no to fun and love everyone and everything. Bad days? I don't know them! If you're feeling down, count on me to lift your spirits with my boundless energy.

Relaxation and Play: Lincoln's Way to Enjoy Life

During the day, you'll find me napping in the shade, conserving energy for my adventures. Exercise is important! I run and play in the yard with my pack, and let me tell you, we really know how to enjoy ourselves. If you ever meet me, I'll happily welcome a belly scratch!

Lincoln's Invitation: Come and Meet a Friend for Life

So, maybe one day we'll meet. I'm always ready to make new friends and spread joy. If you ever need a dose of happiness, remember Lincoln, the Merle Frenchy who never has a bad day!

UC Davis 5 Panel Health Test Results

2 copies CDDY

Chondrodysplasia -CDPA-
No copies normal N/N

Canine Multifocal Retinopathy -CMR1-
No copies normal N/N

Degenerative Myclopathy -DM-
No copies normal N/N

Juvenile Hereditary Cataract - JHC-
No copies normal N/N

Hyperuricosuria -HUV-
No copies normal N/N

Lincoln’s UC Davis Dog Coat Color/Natural Bobtail Test Results:

MC1R (E Locus) Em/E
Brown (B Locus) B/B
Dilute (D Locus) K/N
Dominate Black
(K Locus) K/N
Agouti (A Locus) a/a
Piebald (S Locus) N/N
Cocoa N/co
Merle N/268
Intensity Dilution In/In