Lincoln and Gemma

Wow what a healthy, beautiful litter produced by our own personal dogs. Lincoln and Gemma puppies arrived late Thursday night September 1, 2022

We have 4 amazing babies, 2 Blue boys and 2 Merle girls. Accepting $500 non refundable deposits now.

We are beyond proud of Gemma as a first time Momma. She immediately knew what to do when she woke up from her C-section. Cleaning, nursing and loving her babies very carefully. This usually is not the case with first time Frenchie Mommas. It usually takes a little time and we have to teach them their roll as a mother before instinct and Mother Nature kicks in and things go well.

We are super excited to watch them all develop over the next 8 weeks. These precious puppies will be ready for their forever homes come October 27,2022.

Please don't hesitate to contact us today with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for visiting our kennel site and we hope to welcome you to out Frenchie Family.

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Annie 5 week old Blue Merle Female
Hank 5 week old Blue Male
Leroy 5 week old Blue small White spot Male
Zelda 5 week old Blue Merle Female
Annie 7 week old Blue Merle Female
Hank 7 week old solid Blue Male
Leroy 7 week old Blue_small White spot Male
Zelda 7 week old Blue Merle Female